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Adam Beck

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Match Date PPC Revolver PPC Semi Snub Dist. Revolver Team PPC PPC Optical
  Class Score Class Score Score Score Score Class Score
Pilot Butte & Sask. Championships 2022-08-06     529-13x 450-6x   SS 1239-29x
GPSA Monthly 2022-03-12 GM 1327-40x          
SRRC Monthly 2022-02-12   N/A 1301-14x        
SRRC Monthly 2020-11-14 GM 1217-9x          
GPSA Monthly 2020-10-24 GM 1266-24x          
SRRC Monthly 2020-02-08 MKMN 1177-22x          
GPSA Monthly 2020-01-11 MKMN 1261-29x          
SRRC Monthly 2019-12-14 MKMN 1163-19x          
Pilot Butte Annual 2019 2019-08-09 GM 1065-18x   494-7x   420-7x