Past Champions

The CPCA is diligent in keeping track of every competitor's score. Here you will find the notable scores recorded in our competitions.

CPCA Honour Roll plaque commemorates the shooters who have won the National Championship Title over the years, as well as those individuals awarded Life Membership for their service and dedication to the sport.

National Championship Title Winners

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Life Membership Awards

CPCA has recognized the following individuals

Title First Last Club Member Since
Mr. Robin Gomes Great Plains Shooters Assoc. 1972
Mr. William K. Kehler Winnipeg Police Rev. Club 1978
Mr. Jim Bartsch Winnipeg Police Rev. Club 1979
Mr. Victor Giesbrecht Winnipeg Police Rev. Club 1979
Mr. Louis Laberge Winnipeg Police Rev. Club 1979
Mr. Claude Labossiere Winnipeg Police Rev. Club 1979
Mr. Ron Rentz Winnipeg Police Rev. Club 1979
Mr. Stan Smyth Winnipeg Police Rev. Club 1979
Mr. Dave Abel RCMP 1980
Mr. Gary Faulconbridge GPSA 1980
Mr. Robert Taylor Winnipeg Police (Ret) 1980
Mr. Bob Robins Calgary P.S.(ret'd) 1981
Mr. Dave Scantlebury Regina P.S.H.G.Club 1981
Mr. John Dawson Sr. Thunder Bay Police Service 1982
Mr. Dennis Krause RCMP 1984
Mr. Gerry Hourd Winnipeg Police Rev. Club 1985
Mr. James Fahlman RWF H.G. Club 1989
Mr. Wayne Jacquard RCMP 1992
Mr. Ed Koroll Winnipeg Police Rev. Club 1993
Mr. Gary Crane Portland Police 1995
Mr. David Abel Regina Saskatchewan  
Mr. Jim Angus Winnipeg Manitoba  
Mr. Ken Broadberry Winnipeg Manitoba  
Mr. Helmer Carlson Saskatoon Saskatchewan  
Mr. Stan Ciok Ft. Langley B.C.  
Mr. Ian Findlay Saskatoon Saskatchewan  
Mr. Doug Johnson Winnipeg Manitoba  
Mr. Dave Larin RCMP 1623  
Mr. John Lobregt Edmonton Police Service  
Mr. Bill MacPherson Regina P.S.H.G.Club  
Mr. Don Moore Ottawa Ontario