Colwood PPC

Based in Victoria, British Columbia

Colwood PPC is the PPC section of Victoria Fish and Game

Address for COLWOODPPC

Victoria, British Columbia

Steve Corscadden

Steve Corscadden

Club Representative

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Club Range Locations

Where to find Victoria Fish and Game Range

700 Holker Place,

Malahat, British Columbia

V9B 2V5

Directions on Victoria Fish and Game Website

Our property, our Shooting Sports Ranges, and the Clubhouse are located a short 20 minute drive north of Victoria.

  • Travel north from Victoria on the Trans Canada Highway #1 to the top of Malahat Mountain.
  • Turn right on to Holker Place, and go 100 meters to our property entrance.
  • Holker Place is approximately 800 meters past Shawnigan Lake Road and is opposite the turnoff to Spectacle Lake Provincial Park.
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